I need help with okUSBFrontPanel, please!

help me, please, it’s too important and urgent. I have to built an API with labview for a card developed by but I have’n found nobody knows how your labview’s library work.

I followed your suggestions but it doesn’t work and I don’t know what I’m not doing. The okusbfrontpanel_construct generates a number even without having a card connected and opens and configures and it seems as if it work, how :confused:?

i can’t use count because it generates error, i can’t see the neither device id nor serial, and I can’t see what is happening in the card.

Please could you give me a clearer explanation of how the functions for labview work. I thank you too much. :slight_smile:


As mentioned in the README file in the API directory, we do not support the LabVIEW API, but have provided it as guidance to further development.

The LabVIEW library does little more than call the API functions in the DLL. I suggest using our other samples in C, C++, Python, etc, to become more familiar with the API and how it works. Also refer to the API documentation we provide.

At this point, you may be working with too many variables – the unknown FrontPanel environment and the unknown LabVIEW environment. I would encourage you to become much more familiar with one before tackling the other.