I can't buy XEM3010 in Russia!

Hello, dear ladies and gentlemen!

I wish to buy amazing Opal Kelly’s “XEM3010” board. But unfortunately, your internet sales page misses “Russia” in the list of destination countries!

Please, answer me a pair of questions.

Question 1: How can I order XEM3010 board (with deliver in Russia)?
Question 2: Do you have a local sales office in Germany? People from our company will be in Munchen, Germany during September 13th - 17th. Can they buy XEM3010 board for cash in Germany?

Best regards, Serj Epatov.

Hi Serj–

This was an oversight in our online store configuration and should be fixed now – sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have any trouble. (please email sales@opalkelly.com)

We do not have distribution in Germany, but we do ship there regularly.