How to use Xilinx PROM from Microblaze on XEM3010-1500P

Hi, I want to use Xilinx PROM as user flash memory, but I couldn’t find pin map around PROM and FPGA. Could you let me know pin assignment info between PROM and FPGA? I’d like to create system such as xapp482 - Xilinx application note 482. xapp482 is here:


The design in XAPP482 would not work with the XEM3010. Your XEM3010 will require significant modifications to do this.

You could, however, use the JTAG port to read from the PROM by using the FPGA to command the JTAG. This will require a very different design than the one presented in XAPP482.

Thanks anyway. Spartan3 doesn’t have enough block memory, I want to use SDRAM as program memory and need external flash memory. How about XEM3005-1200M32P? Is it same as XEM3010?


The XEM3005 uses an SPI flash which can provide boot capability. You could use the same flash to provide your external flash memory and it is fully accessible from the FPGA.

The flash on the XEM3005 is 4Mb. The 3E configuration file requires 3,841,184 bits according to the Xilinx documentation. This leaves about 43kB for your code.