How to run post-synthesis or post-implementation simulation in vivado simulator


I am using a XEM7310 board to test a custom chip. I am using OK wireIns, TriggerOuts, pipe ins and outs too in my design. I run RTL simulations and it works fine. Unfortunately when I run it on the actual board, I see some data missing in pipeOut (probably a sync issue in my verilog). So, I wanted to run post-synthesis simulation to fix that bug.

Is there like a tutorial for this? I feel I am missing something.

Here is what I tried, I added some files from the OK simulation dir to my vivado project, these files are:
okHostCalls.v and parameters.v. That’s besides the testbench ofc.

I didn’t add any other file from the oksim dir since I assumed vivado already has the encrypted version of the OK IPs (wires, pipes, etc).

Am I wrong here? and how to do it the right way?


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Hello ali102!

Unfortunately, Opal Kelly simulation sources can only be used for behavioral simulation. To clarify, you cannot use the encrypted sources for simulation, you must use the simulation sources in /Simulation/USB3 (since you are using a USB 3.0 product). More information is provided in our documentation here: Host Simulation HDL - Opal Kelly Documentation Portal.

OK, so to do post implementation simulations, I can tell Vivado to use the OK IP behavioral simulation modules instead of the encrypted ones?
Also, do these behavioral include logic delays?