How to have to independent core on one FPGA?

Hi All
I’m implementing an IEEE 802.11 protocol on FPGA. The FPGA is connected to some external sensor which emasuring temprature and some othe parameters and will transmit(wirelessly) to other modules which are same as the transmitter( FPGA borad and external sensors).
The problem is I have only one FPGA board, Wondering how I can have two modules on one FPGA and using some of the FPGA pin for first extrenal sensors and some of them for second external sensors.
I would be glad if some one could leave me some comments


Write the two modules that you want to have connected to the two sets of pins. Then write another module that contains instances of the first two modules and wires them both to the FPGA pins. When you finally put the first two modules onto different FPGAs, they won’t need any changes. In the meantime, they will run fine on a single FPGA.

Is this what you are after?