How to assign IO differential pair?



I am a new graduted student and working on a XEM3001v2 board. Could you please show me how to assign differential pair signals to IO pin??? Please be specific because I new to the field. Thank you so much.




The best place to reference how to do this is the Xilinx documentation here:

They have a variety of software manuals and application notes that will help you do what you want.



Thank you for your response. I already read the xilinx data sheet. It says that i could use the differential pair but it doesnt show how to do it. Please help. Thank you so much… :slight_smile:


The better documents to look at are the application notes and the guides. There is a guide on XST if you are using the Xilinx synthesis tools. That’s the best place to start. There is also Constraints guide which you may need depending on the I/O configuration you will need.

Also, note that the XEM3001 has all I/O bank voltages tied to 3.3v. There are some restrictions on what differential standards can be used with this voltage. You might find this forum topic helpful: