How can I use design made for XEM3010-1000 on XEM3010-1500?

I thought this would be as easy as it could be to make another unit based on an existing design. But it just does not work. We have an existing unit that uses an XEM3010-1000 (date code 20070117) board on a BRK3010. When I load the configuration bit file to the FPGA, the status line in the FrontPanel reports “FPGA configuration complete (47 milliseconds).” The “enable updates” check box from grayed out becomes selectable. Now, I just got a new XEM3010-1500 (with PROM, but I am not using it, so J1 is installed with a jumper). I just wanted to configure the FPGA the same way I do on the existing card. When I plugged the new card in, the FrontPanel recognizes it. But when I tried to load the configuration bit file, the FrontPanel reports “FPGA configuration failed: Done did not go high” What did I do wrong or miss? Or do I get a dud? The date code on this card is 20080804, Firmware version 3.1, serial number yrVueRKijW if that helps. If this works, my plan is to load the PROM and configure the FPGA from there. I am not a FPGA expert nor had a lot of experience. I have used Xilinx iMPACT to configure some FPGA chips, that’s about it. Please help!



Okay, here is what I found: I played with a couple of examples and verified that the unit is working properly. So, it’s good and not what I thought previously. Then using the iMPACT, I was able to program the PROM using existing bit file for the XEM3010-1000 unit we have, but with no luck running it. Then I tried to bypass the PROM (J1 jumper installed) and use FrontPanel to configure the FPGA like I did with the XEM3010-1000 unit, but still no luck. It looks like to me that the bit files are not interchangeable between the two models. I also notice that there are different example bit files for each models. So the question now is how can I convert a XEM3010-1000 bit file to be used on XEM3010-1500 or if that’s possible or making any sense? Again, I am not a FPGA expert. All I know that these two use the same FPGA chip and should work the same if configured the same. Help please.


You cannot. You must re-synthesize your design for the other device size.

Thanks for the pointer. As I mentioned that I barely know how to use iMPACT to configure a FPGA with already made bit file. What would be the steps with what tools (like ISE, WebPack, etc.) to re-synthesize the design to the other device using the bit file. I am sure you have done this many times. If you can just summarize the process in a few steps, I would really appreciate that.

Maybe start by changing the .ucf file since I think the pinouts are different. Make sure the pin selections are properly matched.