Help with OKpipeOut


I have 8000 rows of data, each 19 bits wide. Right now, I’m storing them in a FIFO on my XEM 3010.
From the documentation, it seems to me that Pipes are the best way to get this data from the FPGA to my computer. The problem is that the pipes take in something that is 16 bit wide? what is the best way to get around this?

Currently, i use wires and triggers to get this data, but it takes a while.


@eecs4ever – You will need to reformat the data to something easier for the pipes to manage.

One way would be to repack the 19-bit words into two consecutive 16-bit words. It wastes space but will be much faster than using triggers and wires.

The PC would then simply unpack the data accordingly.

okay, i’ll do that, thanx