HELP!question about okTriggerOut

i have make a new project for datalogging,and it works,i add a okTriggerOut module,but translate can’t pass.

error message show that all ‘ok2’ have problem, like that:

ERROR:NgdBuild:456 - logical net ‘ok2’ has both active and tristate
Active driver(s) of net ‘ok2’:

‘ok2’ pin on block ‘ep60’ ( okTriggerOut )
Tristate driver(s) of net ‘ok2’:

‘O’ pin on block ‘epA0/ok2_ep_datain’ ( BUFT )

WARNING:NgdBuild:457 - logical net ‘ok2’ has active driver(s):
‘ok2’ pin on block ‘ep60’ ( okTriggerOut )
and pullup ok2.PULLUP

then,i try to translate the demo in “Samples\DES”,i get the same error and worning

so,i want to know that if i can modify the oklibrary.v to pass translate.why the sample can’t translate

by the way,i use ISE 10.1

I am having the same trouble, all of a sudden, with an EDK 9.2 project.

Can anyone advise the cause and/or solution?


Are you using the latest FrontPanel 3.1? If so, did you read the release notes “deltas” URL that was pointed to in the announcement post?

Ah! Got it, I think.

The .BBD file in my microblaze peripheral definition was not properly picking up the OpalKelly .ngd files, (due to a (um…) user error). So it is hardly suprising that things went a bit wonky.

I’ll download 3.1.0 later today…