Gentoo and the PipeOut bug!


Hi, I am still trying to get past the pipe bug under Linux and was wondering if anybody has any more information on an actual working configuration? Whilst the bug may be because of errors in libusb, the home page does claim to provide drivers for Windows and Linux so we were under the impression that Linux support was more developed.

I have now built a Gentoo machine on the advice of a few posts and yet still every read from a PipeOut returns 0xFF regardless of FPGA configuration. The same .bit file and code operates correctly under Windows. I guess that the main variables in this problem are as follows:

Kernel version
libusb version
Front Panel API version
g c c version (remove the spaces, for some reason i cant post a message with it in…)

Does anybody have any facts on a system under which Linux pipes work correctly? It would be very handy!



The first was a Gentoo Box…

Kernel 2.6.5

The most recent is a Debian 3.1 box running a 2.4 kernel under a XP hosted vmware 5.0 session. The usb performance
is understandably slow but it works…. All other versions are the same.

I’m busy with two projects at work so I will not be able to field many questions but I just wanted to let you know that
it is possible.

Good Luck!