Generic open source library for programming opal kelly devices

Just want to mention that I have uploaded a new version of the openok library on sourceforge. This library now supports the XEM6001 devices which are slightly different from older types. With this library you can program the xilinx opal kelly devices from an embedded processor board like the many arm boards (beagle, nanosg20 etc.).
You can find the library here:

Taco Walstra
University of Amsterdam

Hello, I updated the Open OK, now it is complete with all functions.


Did you upload the updated source code anywhere? I need the pipe in and pipe out functionality. Thank you.

FYI, we have beta versions of the official FrontPanel API available upon request for Linux/ARM. It passes all our testing on the Raspberry Pi and Pandaboard computers. Just email support!

Thanks but I was actually planning on connecting your board to another FPGA board that has a Cypress USB host chip on it. I was going to use the source code to understand how to setup my host board in order to communicate with the Opal Kelly board.

There’s a web page at

but no code …


[QUOTE=timelord;4075]There’s a web page at

but no code …[/QUOTE]

API OpenOK 2 Updated Today!

Hello Jorge. I recognized that OpenOK::ActivateTriggerIn() function in not implemented. How can I implement this function? Thanks in advance!

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Hello nanoo,

I need to implement the function OpenOK::ActivateTriggerIn() too, Have you been able to implement it? how did you do? Thanks!!

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API OpenOK 2 Updated Today!

thanks you, i am searching