FrontPanel301 not working with provided examples

I have Two OK boards (XEM3010-1500)… one is firmware upgraded to 1.4 the other at the factory level (not sure). My I upgradef to FP301 and the comm between the PC and the board stopped working. The example bit files wouldn’t even work. When I uninstalled, and reinstalled the older FP, the comm works and the example files work as well. This occurs with both firmware versions… any ideas?



Can you clarify which setups are not working?

Specifically, which:

  1. FrontPanel Application version
  2. Firmware version on the board
  3. HDL modules used to build the bitfile

Note that #2 and #3 above MUST be compatible. You cannot use a bitfile built for FrontPanel-3 firmware with a device loaded with older firmware.

OK, so if I’m developing new FPGA code with the FP3 syntax (hi_in, hi_out, etc. instead of hi_clk, etc.) AND I have legacy bitfiles and DLLs built using FP1.4, then I should NOT upgrade my firmware if I want both to run?

Note that I don’t care about the canned FrontPanel app, everything is done using your DLLs called from Labview/C/Basic.

Are there restrictions on which versions of the DLLs will talk to which board firmware? Will “old” DLLs talk to “new” boards and vice versa?

Thanks for any help.


To clarify-- the firmware and HDL modules go hand-in-hand.

  • If you want to use the new HDL modules (hi_in/hi_out/BTPipes), you MUST use firmware 3.0.

  • If you need to support legacy bitfiles, you MUST use firmware 1.4.

The latest API will work in either situation. You should use the new DLL in all cases. The old DLL will NOT work with firmware 3.0.