Frontpanel updates - FC5


Hi - When will the source code for Frontpanel be available so that it can be compiled for any particular Linux Distro? FC3 is ancient and is not used or supported any more. For example, we’d like to test with Frontpanel on FC5.


I wouldn’t expect to see the source for FrontPanel released any time soon. However, we will be releasing a version shortly that is built on a more modern distribution.

That said, does it not run on FC5 as-is? FC3 was released a mere 1.5 yrs ago, so I wouldn’t expect it to be incompatible. Windows XP was released almost 5 (!) years ago.


Thanks for letting me know your position on releasing the source code. I did get it working under FC5 (I had to spend more time since I did not have the source). The proper way to set up usb and permissions is through udev. I tried to post the how-to but your newthread php is not working…may be it is being served from the 5 year old windows machine. Let me know when it is fixed and I’ll post the one liner in the FrontPanel Threads that gets a board working under FC5.