FrontPanel support of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I am trying to use FrontPanel on Ubuntu 14.04.
Since FrontPanel is linked with libusb0 and Ubuntu 14.04 is not providing anymore libusb0 but libusb1, I need to add a dirty symlink to get it working plus I don’t know if/when it will crash.
Do you plan to provide a package for 14.04 LTS?


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I agree - we need support for Ubuntu 14.04. I have also had to use dirty symlinks and besides, the kernel on 12.04 is old - even new hardware support is no longer provided for it ( Please help your loyal customer base by providing a FrontPanel build for Ubuntu 14.04 (both 32 bit and 64 bit architectures).

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+1 for this. Even a paragraph or two describing how to bootstrap into 14.04 would have saved me time and reduced the chance for user error. Here’s a clear statement of the problem, as well as a solution I implemented based on a deep dive into stackexchange, that seems to be working for me (and does not seem to have broken anything else as of yet).

The Problem: After running to do the install, running ./FrontPanel raises a cryptic-sounding error stating that cannot be found.

The Solution I Picked: This AskUbuntu thread has the answer that I ended up implementing (look down a couple answers to Ryan Chrichton’s response) which recommends downloading the .deb file from the Ubuntu archives and then using the package manager GUI or dpkg to install it.

Discussion: I’m definitely not an expert on Ubuntu’s package manager but this seemed like a fairly clean solution relative to other approaches such as creating a symlink to the installed library There were several threads that recommended this, but other responses were critical of this approach on the grounds that there are major compatibility issues between the two library versions that would not be addressed by simply making look like


Another version of FrontPanel was released and OpalKelly still insists on providing libraries only for Ubuntu 12.04. I don’t get why something as simple as moving to Ubuntu 14.04 can’t be done especially when the developers are going to stop support for 12.04 starting early 2017.

Please publish binaries for Ubuntu 14.04 Opal Kelly. PLEASE!

Anybody have any clear answer than not, do not understand the issue :frowning:

Any news on this topic? Is this monitored by OK?

Does this mean that only FrontPanel doesn’t work on 14.04 or will user software stop working as well when moved to 14.04?


Hey Thomas!

You could consider using the solution that muse_ee is using (his post from Jan 13, 2016). It works well and doesn’t seem to cause any serious issues for the moment.

Keep fighting on!