Frontpanel on linux wxwidgets2.5.4 hard dependency?


Is there any way that the frontpanel application could be distributed such that it does not depend exclusively on wxwidgets 2.5.4? if this is not possible, can you provide a link to where that exact version is being mirrored? Current release is 2.5.5 and despite my best efforts with symbolic links, frontpanel really will not run without exactly 2.5.4.


Yes – we will probably statically link the Linux version in the future.



Great, thanks. I actually ended up finding a link to the right version and things seem to work ok, except for the fact that configuring the FPGA seems to only work once every 10 tries or so, I have a similar problem in windows. Most of the time when I click configure FPGA and load a bitstream, I get back a “failed” message. Have you seen this problem before?



Yes, we have recently witnessed (and fixed) this issue. It appears to happen only on very fast machines. A new release of FrontPanel and the API to address this issue is forthcoming.


oh, good, thought I was just unlucky. Host machine is 3.6Ghz 2Gb RAM- so seems to fit profile for problems.