Frontpanel Matlab - okPipeIn question

I’d like to know if I’m doing it right (because its not working).

Using the FrontPanel API’s okPipeIn in Matlab, the question is:

the signal EP_WRITE (okPipeIn endpoint) goes to a high level (‘1’) when a hit enter calling the API dll library in Matlab? I’m asking it because this signal does not change when I try to send data to fpga. My 16kbytes ram in fpga needs a ‘write’ signal to record the data.

Another question: the ‘psize’ parameter in Matlab function is the size of the data vector? Its in bytes or bits? Im trying to send 1024 points in a matlab column vector.



Yes, EP_WRITE will be asserted when a word is transferred through a PipeIn. The timing and description of this is in the FrontPanel User’s Manual.