FrontPanel for Ubuntu 14.04

Please provide your loyal customers binaries for Ubuntu 14.04. This should be simple and will make many people happy.

We do! The existing binaries work fine with Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04.

For execution on ubuntu 14.04, which FrontPanel SDK download is recommended? The one designated for 12.04 or the one designated for 16.04?

It should be possible to get the 12.04 binaries to work with a 14.04 system. We have not tried using the 16.04 binaries on a 14.04 system but that may work as well.

Thanks for info Tom. Just want to report apparent success running the Samples/PipeTest/Cxx/PipeTest test program on Ubuntu 14.04 with the XEM7310 A200 as the hardware module. I haven’t been able to run the FrontPanel.bin GUI program - it seems to need some additional libraries - but the command line references are probably enough for us to go off of. Below are some detailed steps:

  1. Baseline Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit version all updates as of a few days ago
  2. Install the libudev0 package which apparently is not available in Ubuntu 14.04 packages but is available from Debian packages:
    a. Download from:
    b. File to download is libudev0_175-7.2_amd64.deb
    c. Install with sudo dpkg –i libudev0_175-7.2_amd64.deb
  3. Download and install the Opal Kelly package

a. Specific download: FrontPanel-Ubuntu12.04LTS-x64-4.5.6.tgz
b. Extract somewhere, go into extracted folder, then: chmod 755, sudo ./, sudo /sbin/ldconfig
c. Download bitfile images from OpalKelly,, extract somewhere
d. Go into Samples/PipeTest/Cxx under the FrontPanel extracted folder.
e. Build PipeTest program: make -f Makefile.lnx
f. Run PipeTest. For example, ./PipeTest /PipeTest.bit stress. Example output:

---- Opal Kelly ---- PipeTest Application v2.0 ----
FrontPanel DLL loaded. Built: Nov 14 2016 15:06:58
Found a device: XEM7310-A200
Device firmware version: 1.30
Device serial number:
Device device ID: 44
FrontPanel support is enabled.
Read SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:0 Duration: 0.287 seconds – 223.06 MB/s
Read SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:1 Duration: 0.330 seconds – 194.11 MB/s
Read SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:2 Duration: 0.287 seconds – 222.62 MB/s
Read SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:3 Duration: 0.287 seconds – 222.98 MB/s
Read SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:4 Duration: 0.288 seconds – 221.95 MB/s
Read SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:5 Duration: 0.290 seconds – 220.86 MB/s
Write SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:0 Duration: 0.684 seconds – 93.59 MB/s
Write SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:1 Duration: 0.827 seconds – 77.41 MB/s
Write SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:2 Duration: 0.681 seconds – 93.94 MB/s
Write SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:3 Duration: 0.726 seconds – 88.17 MB/s
Write SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:4 Duration: 0.683 seconds – 93.68 MB/s
Write SS:4194304 TS:67108864 Pattern:5 Duration: 0.698 seconds – 91.66 MB/s