FrontPanel API documentation

I was looking through the documentation of the FrontPanel API for functions related to triggers, but the documentation seems to be incorrect. There are no okCEvent, okCEventHandler, and okCTriggerOutEvent classes available in the library, and the documentation refers to the header file okCUsbFrontPanel.h, which is not included with the FrontPanel distribution I am using (3.0.8).

Was this functionality taken out of the library? I would like to have the library call my function when a specific trigger is activated.


Sorry about that – we need to remove those functions from the documentation. These methods have been deprecated.

The event methods were still based on polling. You basically needed to call the methods UpdateTriggerOuts and UpdateWireOuts repeatedly. Those functions would then call the necessary event responders as necessary.

These functions have never been supported in the DLL version of the API. Since we deprecated the static versions of the API, we removed these altogether. Callback implementation through a DLL is somewhat ugly and, since this functionality can easily be implemented in your own code, we decided the benefit was minimal.