FrontPanel and MicroBlaze


I’ve currently instantiated MicroBlaze and 2 I2C peripherals onto the XEM3010… It works fine. I test it using EDK’s XMD terminal. My question to you is, could I use FrontPanel to communicate with MicroBlaze? Could I use FrontPanel to read/write to/from the I2C registers?



Hopefully you received my response to your support ticket. For the benefit of other users, I’d like to answer here as well.

Our next release of the API will have support for communicating with user I2C devices on the XEM3010.

Regarding MicroBlaze, this is something we are working on and very excited about. Nothing is available at the moment, but the gears are turning.


Thank You for the response. If I were to instantiate a USB Core into MicroBlaze, would it still be an impossibilty for FrontPanel to communicate to the MicroBlaze’s I2Cs?


Can you clarify what you mean by USB Core?

What MicroBlaze I2Cs are you referring to?

The I2C pins available on the XEM3010 are attached to the Cypress USB microcontroller as master. No other master can be attached to these pins. Are these the ones you are referring to?