FrontPanel and Labview on mac?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to use the FrontPanel library with LabView 2010, on OSX 10.6.8. I have FrontPanel 4.2.3.

If I try to access libokFrontPanel.dylib from a “call library function” block, I get an error stating it’s not a valid library.
Similarly, if I try to use the import shared library function, I get asked for a header file and a .framework or .bundle file. The .dylib is not recognized as a valid file.

Googling around I’ve read that it is possible to somehow create a .framework wrapper for the library, which seems to work okay with LabView, but I found no details on how to actually do such a thing.
Has anyone been able to work around this and use FrontPanel with LabView on mac?
Any help or suggestion is much appreciated.


  • Dave