FrontPanel 4.2.5 and 32-bit Windows XP

I have an application that builds and works fine under 64-bit Windows 7, using the C# FrontPanel 4.2.5 API. When I tried to port it to Windows XP, the okCFrontPanel constructor throws an exception.

To avoid contaminating things from the 64-bit project, I built a very simple project from scratch in Visual Studio 2008 on the XP machine. Just an empty form with a “dev = new okCFrontPanel()” call and nothing else. I copied the two API-32 DLLs from the 4.2.5 distribution into the bin/Debug directory, and added a project reference to the C# DLL. No joy.

Is there an issue with Windows XP and 4.2.5? Thanks.

Should have known – the old USB driver issue; I probably had an older driver installed. It seemed to require actually powering up the board and letting Windows install the driver before the program would run at all. Uninstalling FrontPanel does not remove the driver (I think).

Since this PINVOKE exception has happened to others, maybe it would be useful to put in a test in the okCFrontPanel constructor and put up an error message if there are driver problems? I mistakenly assumed the constructor would come up even without a driver, since this happens prior to asking for any USB transactions.

We can look into this. Thank you for the suggestion.