FrontPanel 3.0.11 labview palette


Dear all,
in order to give my contribution in filling the lack of labview support for FrontPanel, I am attaching a labview library/palette for FrontPanel 3.0.11created with the Labview DLL importer.
I am using LV8.6.
Few comments:

  • in case someone wants to try by himself, the header file avalable in \Opal Kelly\FrontPanel\API folder need to be somehow cleaned by all C++ stuffs in order to be effectively used. I am attaching the file I used (okFrontPanel.h, into

  • the zipped file must be unzipped into the \LabVIEW 8.6\user.lib folder so that, after restarting labview, you will find it among the “user libraries” in the functions palette.

  • While I did not check VI’s functionalities, I have checked the library versus the API documentation, and it seems to me that the functions prototypes have been correctly handled by the dll importer. So I am confident that it works.

  • the library is provided as is, that is without fancy icons, documentation or intuitive VI connectors name. If someone wants to make it more appealing, he is welcome.

I hope it will be useful for labview developers that are enthusiastic of the OK product (like me :slight_smile: ).



Francesco-- Thanks very much for this! I’m sure a number of our customers will find this very helpful!


For some odd reason I was unable to unzip your files?



@jschafer – Please use a browser other than Internet Explorer (Firefox, Opera, Chrome). IE will occasionally corrupt downloads.


try this new version.
You have to unzip it into the user.lib folder.
The DLL import contains the functions as imported with the LV tool while the okFrontPanel.llb embodies the VI’s provided by Opal Kelly updated for the new firmware. I tested several of them and they work.
I would really appreciate if you could test the PipeIn function since it is one of those I did not check by myself.
Hope this help

Francesco (659.3 KB)


Firefox did the trick on the zip files and the and the LV files worked great for me as far as wire ins/outs I will try the pipes with the new files.


Hi fradep,
could you please to save this library for LabView7?


Hi fradep!
I tryed to use your dll, but the only one that I can use is GetDeviceNumber… I tryed with GetSerialNumber and many others but they don’t work. I use LabView 9. Can you help me? Can you send me an example of how to use them?



Hi f.villa,
the main reason why my lab did not move yet to Labview 9 is that I still don’t know if the migration of the libraries works fine.
That’s why we still use LV8.6, where the palette I created works fine (i used it again few days ago). What about using LV 8.6? :slight_smile:
As soon as I will have some time I will try with LV9, but honestly I cannot tell you why.
BTW, which verdion of the firmware are you using? I never tested the functions with a firmware newer than te 3.0.11. In case, note that you can request an older firmware to the support and downgrade your device.
I remember I also created a simple example of usage (basically iy was the one provided by OK but updated for the 3.0.11 FW). I will see if I still have it somewhere at work.



Thank you!
I’m using 3.0.11 too! I have the license for LabView 9, do you know if I can update a previous version for free?
You have written that OK provided simple examples of usage with LabView for version older the 3.0.11… where can I find them?



Ciao Federica,
the labview API example is located in C:\Program Files\Opal Kelly\FrontPanel\API\LabVIEW .
In case you are using firmware 3.0.11, I updated the okCounters examples with my palette and with a new .bit file since, as you know, the endpoint and HI definition have changed in this FW step.
Please find attached the example and the .bit file.

Francesco (29.4 KB)


Thank you Francesco!
You example has been very usefull for me! Your palettes works also with LabView 9!



Hello Federica,
I’m glad to know that my files helped you. Also, you saved me from testing the palette on Labview 9.
BTW, are you italian? I’m curious since we are looking for a labview programmer with OpalKelly knowledge…



Yes I am italian! Now I am in California untill the end of october for a research project. This is my mail if you want to contact me:




We presently have a customer using LV 2009 that is having trouble with the DLL Importer in LabView. Can you please post your modifications of the okFrontPanelDLL.h file?

Or perhaps you can explain what changes needed to be made to get LV to import properly?


I am sorry but I changed PC and I don’t have this file anymore.
However, why don’t they use the library I attached a couple of post above??



I’ve used 1 example from forum.
I don’t know how to repair,it can configurate XEM3001.
Help me…


Does any user in this forum have copies of fradep’s two files, and ?
Unfortunately, Opal Kelly moved to a new forum format and the files are lost!

Thanks in advance,



Hi fradep,
i cant able to download any of the files from the shows “the page is private” .
i need any examples with labview-opal kelly API
can u share me any .VI s



hi opalkelly team
i can’t downalod any of the files from the forum.please do check this and give a solution…
thank you