Front Panel Samples missing .bit and .xfp files

Hi, I am new to this and downloaded the Front Panel SDK version 4.4.0 for use with my XEM-6010 board. I am trying to go through the samples and in the Front Panel directory there are no .bit or .xfp files. Each of the folders only contains a .v (or .vhd) and a .ucf file. I have downloaded the .bit files for the 6010 directly from the website but cannot find the .xfp files. Is there a way for me to fix this? Do I need to re-install Front Panel?

Hi mes52,
It sounds like you are looking in the sample files. The best way to access the bitfiles is by downloading them from Pins, as you have done.The xfp files are not included with every sample, but you can find them in the folder for samples that do include them, such as Controls and First.
Hope this helps!