Front Panel Python API with non-system python on Mac

I tried to use the Python API from Front Panel 4.5.0 but I get the Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread error. I am using the Anaconda python distribution instead of the system python as it comes with a bunch of libraries pre-installed and I guess that this is causing some incompatibility. Can this be made to work?


I was able to resolve this problem on macOS Sierra and a non-system Homebrew python installation (python 2.7), using the “install_name_tool” command as mentioned in

For this to work first get the list of linked libraries using:
otool -L

In this list you will find the curren linked python library, like:

Search for the correct location of the library. In case of Homebrew I used:
(pay attention to the correct version numbers)

then use install_name_tool to change (replace with paths):
install_name_tool -change <current> <new>