FPGA Configuration Failure



I just upgraded FrontPanel to the latest version 1.3.1 and I’m having difficulty configuring the FPGA across several XEM3001.20050215 boards. The message “FPGA configuration failed.” appears in the status bar of FrontPanel when downloading the same bit files that I’ve been using and have not changed for 6 months. The FrontPanel application loads ok and the sample programs state they load fine but nothing works. I followed the installation instructions and seem to have no USB problems. I tried firmware 2.3 and 2.4 with no luck. I also rebooted my Win2K PC a couple of times. Please advise. Thank you.

John Lou



What was the previous version of FrontPanel that you were using? Does that version still work fine?

You may try the following to update the driver. With an XEM3001 attached, go to your hardware settings and select “Uninstall Driver” to remove the driver for the board. Then unplug and reattach the device.

At this point, Windows should go through the setup wizard again and install the most-recently installed driver (the one that came with FrontPanel 1.3.1).



FrontPanel v1.3.1 is installed. I connected the XEM board to the USB port, uninstalled the driver, disconected and reconnected the board. The FrontPanel 1.3.1 driver installed with no exclamation icons. The FPGA download still does not work. However, the PLL configuration works fine.

I uninstalled FrontPanel version 1.3.1 and installed a previous version 1.2.3 that came on a CD with my board. I can now download the FPGA with no problem.

Here is the PC setup:
Dell GX150, 1Ghz, 512Mb, USB 1.0, Fully updated Win2K OS.

I can help debug this with you if you provide me with a setup. Please advise. Thank you!

John Lou



Please email support@opalkelly.com so we can work through this. It may be quicker than the forums.

We will post back what we find to the forums for other folks to reference.


I had the exact same problem when I was upgrading FrontPanel from 1.2.5 to 1.3.1 on Win2K. I was able to get 1.3.1 to work only after going to Windows Update and installing “Microsoft Corporation - Other Hardware - Intel PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller”. This installed a device called “USB 2.0 Root Hub”. It seems the okusb.sys driver will not work without this installed.


Thanks very much for that information. I’m sure it will help others.

I think the USB 1.1 (full-speed) support is still an issue. We will be releasing a new API that addresses this issue with a flag to turn off the asynchronous bulk transfer queueing.


What was the solution for the original poster? I am having almost identical problems with win2k machines. Same bit files and boards that work fine in xp do not want to load configurations in win2k.