FP v3.0.1 Which firmware is required?

On my XEM3010 I have bitfiles and C# code that works great with the V3 FrontPanel. I recently upgraded to V3.0.1 FP and while my C# code access the DLL fine and I can see the XEM3010 and tell that my firmware is v 1.4 I can not get the IsFrontPanelEnabled function to return true. The jumpers are correct and my older bit files work perfectly. The only change in my design is the way the okHost interfaces to the FPGA per the release of V3.0.1. Also when I load the first sample with front panel it does not respond. Is there a simple solution I am missing?


If you are using a board with Firmware 1.4, you cannot use the HDL modules included with FrontPanel-3.

The software aspects of FrontPanel-3 will work with the hardware aspects of older versions.

Bottom line is that the firmware and HDL modules go together. You must either upgrade both or neither. The software (FrontPanel Application and API) will work regardless.