I’ve seen that there is a tool provided with the Shuttle-LX1 called ‘fmcconfig’, however there is no documentation that I can find anywhere on it.

I would like to assume that it takes a file, and programs the I2C FMC device on the daughterboard, however, I’ve no idea, and since I’m using a mac, it seems a bit of a pain to install a VM for a tool that may not do what I want (and even if it does, I don’t know what options I’ll have to give it).

Does anyone have any advice on which platforms this works on, what it does, and what options there are?

Many thanks,


Will, the fmcconfig tool is currently only installed for the Windows versions. It may be used to set power-up defaults for Vadj on the Shuttle LX1 and also program the IPMI EEPROM.

Please contact if you need a Mac version.