First word fall-through FIFO with BtPipe

I have a FIFO problem that is diving me crazy.

There are two FIFOs in my design, one for a BtPipeIn and one for a BtPipeOut. I was having problems, so I switched the FIFOs to “First Word Fall Through” and got some better results.

The BtPipeIn now works perfectly. But the BtPipeOut yields strange results that I can’t seem to reconcile.

I guess my question is this: will BtPipeOut work correctly with a FWFT FIFO or should I go back to using a standard FIFO?


-Bob F.

Bob-- Please have a look at the timing diagrams in our FrontPanel documentation for the Pipes and also the timing diagrams for Xilinx FIFOs in the two modes of operation.