"First" sample not working on XEM7310


So I just started playing around with an XEM7310, and I tried loading the “first” sample program in the FrontPanel. I followed the guide from: Getting Started - FrontPanel SDK - Opal Kelly Docs

And I got the panel to open up that looks the same as the panel in the guide above. However, changing the numbers in A or B doesnt change the sum, and none of the pushbuttons will change the state of the 8 LEDs on the board. They are all lit up red and wont change. I’m really not sure where to go, its the first example/sample, it should work!

But any help would be immensely helpful.

Can you confirm that the FPGA was configured successfully?

Ah, yes. That was the problem. I was using the flashloader.bit file for configuration. When I found the XEM7310 sample bitfiles and used those, everything worked!