I was wondering if you could provide some informations about the .iic files contained in the frmpkg file.
It contains the binaries for v1 & v2 boards, but i could not find the start offset of the 8051 executable in the iic file.
Can you give this information please ?


Sorry, but we don’t provide any information regarding our firmware.

(Not to sound too heavy-handed, but, in fact, it is in violation of the license agreement to “disassemble, reverse engineer, modify, decompile, or otherwise abuse the intended purpose”)


I dont intend to reverse or decompile your F/W but i aim at writing my own F/W (using the CY68013 Data Sheet + my knowledge on 8051 & USB)

==> I just would like to you Front Panel to upload MY F/W binary.
Nothing else.


Your best bet in this case (which avoids violating the license agreement) is to boot as normal, download the FPGA code, then restart the Cypress device using the Vend Ax command to download your own firmware.

Since our firmware is stored in EEPROM on the XEM, FrontPanel doesn’t actually download firmware to the device.

Is this what you plan on doing?


Ok but what is the the “Vend Ax” command actually ?


It is a Cypress vendor command. Basically, it’s for folks that are doing Cypress firmware development. If you don’t know about it, you probably don’t need to. :slight_smile: