Feedback and susggestions


In general your products are great (I am using XEM3010 and FrontPannel C++/Linux drivers). The board is small and elegant and the USB link abstraction is very intuitive and easy to use.

Suggestions (in random order):

  1. Add support to program the on board FPGA config prom from the USB link.

  2. Add prototyping area on the BRK3010 board.

  3. Provide symbol and foot print of the XEM3010 for Cadsoft Eagle

  4. Add header/jumper for powering the XEM from the USB bus.

  5. Provide +VDC and 3.3V on BRK3010 JP2 an/or JP4. (these two headers are more useful than JP1, JP3 since a small rectangual breadboard or PCB can be mounted on them, providing application specific glue electronic.

  6. Sell pre cut plastic enclosures that can hold XEM3010 and BRK3010.

  7. Support host independent continious ti_clock.

Thanks for listening.