Fastest way to dump data to hard drive?

I realize this might not be “the” forum for this question,
but FPGA/DSP people might have experience with this:

I have 1GB of new data appearing in RAM every minute in form of unsigned char array. I was wondering what the fastest way is to dump this to disk.
I don’t have a problem with filling up 200GB hard drive with this data,
but I only have 4GB RAM on my machine, so the 1GB of data needs to be dumped quite fast.

I am using VC++, I was wondering if anyone knows a really efficient class/native function to dump data to drive.

Thank you,

1GB/minute is “only” 17MB/s. Generally speaking, most any modern PC could handle this write rate to a hard drive. Even a USB- or firewire- connected drive, I believe.

With Windows, you’ll get hiccups occasionally which will dramatically reduce your write rate, though.

An IDE interface isn’t terribly difficult to implement on an FPGA, so you could write directly to disk and pull it off later when time is not of the essence. (over 10 yrs ago, I had students implement this sort of thing in undergraduate design classes)