Failed on loading bitfile from Raspberry Pi to XEM3001

I’ve downloaded the bitflies of XEM3001 from “OPALKELLY Downloads” and tried the sample PipeTest. When I try to download the configuration file “pipetest.bit”, there is an error: Device could not be opened. Is one conncted? FPGA could not be initialized. My commands is:./Pipetest pipetest.bit and runing on raspberry Pi. Could help me solve this problem? Thanks!

Hi shasha_emma,

The error “device could not be initialized” can be caused by a couple different common issues. Have you tried running the FrontPanel GUI to confirm that your device is connected properly? You can also verify that your device will accept the bitfile you are using by manually configuring the device with the FrontPanel GUI. If everything else looks to be in order, can you confirm that your bitfile is located in the same folder as your PipeTest,exe file?