EZ-USB FX2LP for XEM3010 FPGA. USB Signaling Speed


Question about the USB signaling Speed for the XEM3010 FPGA:
According to the block diagram in the XEM3010 datasheet, the USB interfaces with a micro USB chip (CY68013A) and the datasheet mentions that the USB signaling speed has a FX2LP which operates at two of the three rates defined in the USB specification:

  1. Full speed, with a signaling bit rate of 12Mbps
  2. High speed, with a signaling bit rate of 480 Mbps

Our application will be using this interface at 12Mbps. Is a programming file that will configure the FX2LP to 12Mbps? How do we control what Mbps configuration the FX2LP is set to?

You do not need to configure anything with the FX2. Our FrontPanel firmware takes care of everything.