Eventually always get error -15 from ReadFromPipeOut and other FrontPanel API calls

We are running on a linux machine.

Eventually, all calls to the FrontPanel C API return error code -15. The parameters are correct (we verify going in and out of the function).

Anybody else seeing this problem and what can be done about it. We can’t recover without resetting our application.


Error code -15, located here: Error Codes - FrontPanel SDK - Opal Kelly Docs
States that:
“The requested action is not supported. Often this means that an improper parameter was offered to the API. Check the API documentation and make sure you’re following all parameter requirements for lengths, etc.”

This is likely an issue with length restrictions for Pipes.
Please make sure that you are following the restrictions that are laid out in the SDK documentation:

These restrictions can also be located within the FrontPanel API Reference located here:

For example, ReadFromPipeOut located here: FrontPanel API: okCFrontPanel Class Reference

States that for USB 3.0 the length needs to be a multiple of 16.

Thank you Michael.

We have triple validated all the parameters. It’s not a parameter issue.

We are looking for more advanced errors. Perhaps an incompatibility of the OpalKelly drivers with certain H/W or certain versions of Linux.

It’s hard to chase a ghost. If you can post specific calls and sequences either here or through support@opalkelly.com, we could take a closer look. Right now, we don’t even know which device or Linux version you’re using.

I have information on what the equipment and Linux version of the workstation that Dan and I are using.

We are using Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS Linux. The module is the Opal Kelly XEM6310-LX150 with Firmware version 1.30.