EVB1006 and EVB1007 camera problems with sample files


I am trying to run the sample files for the ZEM4310 board with the EVB1007 camera, also the XEM7350-k70T with the EVB1006, both give me the same troubles; okCameraApp gives me “Camera Setup Failed” and okSnapApp gives me “Could not open a device. Is one attached?”. FrontPanel does detect that the corresponding device is attached.

I tried calling the functions from the snap.m sample program to work in Matlab, the only one that seems not to be working is okFPLoadDefaultPLLConfiguration, which returns a “ok_UnsupportedFeature”. I know neither okPLL22150 or okPLL22393 are supported for this devices. But how can I configure the PLL then? or am I not supposed to configure it for this case?
The Matlab program then proceeds with okFrontPanel_ConfigureFPGA with the corresponding evb1007-zem4310.rbf or evb1006-zem7350-k70t.bit file without returning any error.  
Followed by okCameraSingleCapture returning “Image available”,  shown a black image (matrix filled by zeros).

I am running everything under 32 bits architecture;  windows 7 (also tried with windows 10), matlab 2014a and visual studio 2013 .

Hi Hrostrog,

Camera Setup failure can have quite a few causes, so without more specifics it will be difficult to diagnose. It’s encouraging that the FrontPanel GUI detects it, though. You might try verifying that the bitfile you are using for the configuration is the correct one, since a failed automatic configuration can cause a failed setup. You should also make sure that your bitfiles are copied to the same folder as your executable.

The ZEM4310 does not support PLL, which means it will generate an “ok_UnsupportedFeature” error if you try to load a PLL configuration.

The black image shown when displaying the captured image sounds like a bug that was fixed in snap.m but may have been missed in snap_display.m. The problem is that the raw values for the pixels are divided by 4096 instead of 256, which sends all the pixel values to zero. Go into the snap_display.m file and find the lines that end with the comments %RED, %GREEN, and %BLUE. They should be lines 4-6 if the file is unaltered. Replace the ‘4096’ in each line with ‘256’ and try again.


The ZEM4310 does not have an on-board PLL. Please see the ZEM4310 User’s Manual for information on available peripherals on that module.

Instead, it has a fixed oscillator which does not require configuration. You will need to incorporate clock management into your HDL design to derive the necessary clock frequency(ies).

Regarding your separate and unrelated issue of Camera setup failure –

  1. Make sure no other application is running and using the module. This includes the FrontPanel application.
  2. Make sure the required bitfile is in the same folder as where you are staring the Camera Application.