Errors after changing from XEM6010 to XEM6310

Hello, I have a big problem.

I changed from xem6010 to xem6310.

When using xem6010, I used FIFO_16bit_dual_port_FWFT and FIFO_16bit_dual_port which have 16bit din and 16bit dout.

But, changing from usb2.0 to usb3.0, I had to use 32bit pipe and 32bit FIFO.

So, now my FIFO_32bit_dual_port_FWFT has 32bit din and 16bit dout and my FIFO_16bit_dual_port has 16bit din and 32bit dout. Below is the code.

module OK_WB_Bridge(
input wire [112:0] okHE,
output wire [64:0] okEH,
input wire okClk,
input wire clk_i,
input wire rst_i,
input wire stb_i,
input wire [7:0] adr_i,
input wire we_i,
input wire [31:0] dat_i,
output reg [31:0] dat_o

// Wire declarations
wire OKfifowrite;
wire OKfiforead;
wire [31:0] OKdatain;
wire [31:0] OKdataout;
wire [15:0] OK_rec_dat;

wire n_fifo_em;
wire fifoem;
wire fifofull1;
wire fifofull2;

wire [65*2-1:0]  okEHx;
okWireOR # (.N(2)) wireOR (okEH, okEHx);
//Circuit behavior
always @(*) begin
    if(adr_i == 0) begin
        dat_o = {15'b0, ~n_fifo_em, OK_rec_dat[7:0],  OK_rec_dat[15:8]};

    end else begin
        dat_o = {31'b0, fifofull2};

FIFO_32bit_dual_port_FWFT fifo_in (
     .rst(rst_i), // input rst
     .wr_clk(okClk), // input wr_clk
     .rd_clk(clk_i), // input rd_clk
     .din(OKdatain), // input [31 : 0] din
     .wr_en(OKfifowrite), // input wr_en
     .rd_en(stb_i & ~we_i & (adr_i == 0)), // input rd_en
     .dout(OK_rec_dat), // output [15 : 0] dout
     .full(fifofull1), // output full
     .empty(n_fifo_em) // output empty
FIFO_32bit_dual_port fifo_out (
     .rst(rst_i), // input rst
     .wr_clk(clk_i), // input wr_clk
     .rd_clk(okClk), // input rd_clk
 .din({dat_i[7:0], dat_i[15:8]}), // input [15 : 0] din
     .wr_en(stb_i & we_i), // input wr_en
     .rd_en(OKfiforead), // input rd_en
     .dout(OKdataout), // output [31 : 0] dout
     .full(fifofull2), // output full
     .empty(fifoem) // output empty
//FrontPanel endpoint instantiations
okBTPipeIn pipe80(
     .okEH(okEHx[0*65 +: 65]),
okBTPipeOut pipeA0(
     .okEH(okEHx[1*65 +: 65]),

And, Below is the python code.
dev = ok.okCFrontPanel()


// False
// False
// True
print(dev.WriteToBlockPipeIn(0xA0, 16, buf)) // buf = “\x00”*16
// 16
status = dev.ReadFromBlockPipeOut(0xA0, 16, buf)
// Freezed

When I use this call ReadFromBlockPipeOut, the python is freezed. Any results don’t come out.

I don’t know if it’s a clock problem(clk_i is 80Mhz) in Verilog or a FIFO parameter problem.

I need your help.

Thank you.

You’ll want to ensure that the HDL has data to send when you call the ReadFromBlockPipeOut() function. If the “.ep_ready()” net is deasserted, a timeout or “freeze” will occur. In this case you have it connected to “~fifoem”. Check over your HDL to ensure that the second call to ReadFromBlockPipeOut() has data to retrieve from the HDL.

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Thank you for your reply.

I use Ubuntu 16.04. and I think my HDL is not a problem. I don’t know why WritetoBlockPipeIn returns some data but ReadFromBlockPipeOut freezes.

Can you share with me which version of the FrontPanel SDK you are using?

I’m at home right now, so I can’t confirm for sure, but it’s probably version Ubuntu 16.04 FrontPanel 4.5.6.

This post shows similar issues to the ones you are facing:

Seems like the freezing issue was something that may have been resolved around the time of FrontPanel 4.5.6 for Ubuntu 16.04. I’d just download the latest version of the FrontPanel SDK. That being 5.2.3, which is available for Ubuntu 16.04. That might resolve the freezing issue, and instead could report back a “Timeout” error code.

I’d recommend implementing a count feature on how much data is in your FIFO and relay that information to your application using a WireOut. Then you can call the ReadFromBlockPipeOut() once you know that there is data that can be retrieved.