ERROR: [Synth 8-5809] Synthesis Error with XEM7010 in Vivado

Hi, I ran into the error [Synth 8-5809]: Error generated from encrypted envelope when attempting to synthesize my design for XEM7010-A200 in Vivado. I then reproduced the error using the sample project “DES”. Here’s what I did in the DES case -

  1. Downloaded FrontPanel executable & installed
  2. Created a new project, associated it with the XEM-7010-A200 in Vivado.
  3. Copied the des files (.v and .xdc) in the Samples folder for the XEM7010 to the above project directory
  4. Copied the FrontPanelHDL files to the same project directory
  5. included all of the above as sources + constraints files in my vivado project.
  6. Attempted to synthesize in vivado.

The error points to many lines within the okPipeIn module, which is encrypted, as generating the error I believe. is there an alternate version of this module I should use instead? Please let me know if anyone has any ideas!

Thank you!


I tried recreating this issue using Vivado 2022.1 and FrontPanel 5.2.12 and was not able to do so. I would confirm the FrontPanelHDL is coming from the correct device folder, and from the correct year’s folder. Here’s a documentation page about the different year folders: Troubleshooting - Opal Kelly Documentation Portal
I suspect this is the issue given the similarity in the error codes.