Enabling Multi-Boot on Virtex5

I am looking for a solution to enable a warm reboot of the FPGA to one of 2 selectable loads stored in Flash.

The Xilinx documentation talks about using an internal resource called ICAP_VIRTEX5 within the FPGA. This is described in xapp1100.pdf

The description in that app note only makes mention of Platform Flash XL which is a parallel interface. The XEM5010 uses an SPI flash.

Can this resource or another method be used to select a load to boot from the SPI flash? Suggestion please!


Can you confirm that the M[2:0] pins on the Virtex 5 (XEM5010) are wired to 3’b001 please.

We think that if this mode has been set that MultiBoot through the ICAP_VIRTEX5 is possible. Pls confirm!!


When J1 is inserted, M2:M0 = [110]
When J1 is removed, M2:M0 = [001]


I think that is what I need.


I am attempting to use promgen to build multiple .bit files into a build to install with FlashLoader. Can you confirm that these options are correct for use with the FlashLoader program. This file is to be loaded into a XEM5010 module

promgen -w -p mcs -c FF -o OutputMCS -s 4096 -u 0 .FirstBitFile.bit -u 200000 SecondBitFile.bit -spi
Many thanks!!