ECM1900 Board can't build because of # of PS8's

Failing to build EMC1900 basic design because of # of needed PS8 (for the PS) is 1 and the number available is 0.All I have is the Zynq PS implemented and set up with the presets.

Building with Vivado 2021.2, selected the EMC1900-7EG board files from vendor. the part number listed is xczu7eg-ffvc1156-1-e.

Could you explain a bit more about your issue? Can you give some steps to recreate the issue?

I’ve configured a new project using the “ECM1900-7EG W/ BRK1900” board file, and applied the Zynq MPSoc preset to that IP in the IPI block designer. I’ve generated the design and created a top level wrapper. I then generated the bitfile. I was not able to produce any errors during this process.

I don’t know what caused or fixed the issue. I can build the design with Vivado 2021.2. might have been licensing?