Driver installation mixup

I tried the new 3.1.0 driver install on my XP box. It didn’t work with my OK board, although my old 3.0 drivers did work before. I tried uninstalling the 3.1 driver (using Add/Remove programs, and also using the uninstallation .exe), then re-installing my old 3.0 drivers. Add/Remove programs shows that the driver is installed, but if I connect the board, Windows doesn’t seem to recognize it and my applications can’t talk to it. The same board works fine on a different machine that still had the old 3.0 drivers installed.

I’m sure that the uninstallation just isn’t happening cleanly enough. What can I do to REALLY uninstall all OK drivers from my machine and just start over? I can’t use Device Manager to uninstall, because DM never recognizes when the board is installed.


The real way to uninstall device drivers on XP is using Device Manager. If a device is not showing up in DM when attached, then this is a problem with your Windows installation and you should contact Microsoft (good luck) for resolution.

There are likely registry tricks to do this, but we do not recommend them unless you know what you’re doing. Basically, Windows associates driver INFs and drivers with a bus, VID, PID, and serial. It’s complicated and should only be managed through Device Manager.

If your device is attached during installation of FrontPanel 3.1, the the appropriate Microsoft SetupAPI calls are made to “re-associate” the device with the new driver. But if your device isn’t showing in DM, then perhaps you have other OS issues.

Keep in mind that your existing applications will not be able to communicate with the device unless you also swap out the DLL with the new one.

What are the driver file names and locations with FrontPanel 3.0.11?
I accidentally installed FrontPanel 3.1.0 on an XP machine and now it keeps searching for the new driver. All my MATLAB stuff works with the old dll and the old driver but it doesnt seem to work with the new driver and new dll. Im need to know the driver name and location so that I can tell windows to use to old one and stop looking for the new one.