Download on the PC fast flow of data

Hello to everybody
I’m trying to download on the PC, data which came from a 16bit ADC at 25Msps.
How can I do it?
I think to use a dual port RAM implemented by myself in vhdl, otherwise I could use the
onboard RAM, but I don’t know how…
It’s preferred to use PipeOut endpoint or BPipeOut one??
In the first case I’ve seen that C works incorrecly if the vector is too much long…Why??

ah…I’m using the FPGA XEM3005
Thanks for your reponse :slight_smile:

How long? There are constraints on how long your transfers can be. Please refer to the documentation.

i think 524288 = 512kB

But my first problem is…how can i solve my problem about transfer of data at high frequency to the PC?

It’s probably best to start with our samples to gain an understanding of how our API and HDL modules work. If you’re struggling with how to apply the Xilinx memory or memory interface blocks, please refer to the Xilinx documentation for that.

If you need more direction on implementing your specific problem and your budget allows, we can put you in contact with a number of consultants that are experts in this area and could likely implement your project along a faster timeline.

If you’re using the XEM6010, you may also consider our EVB1005 and EVB1005-DEV products. These provide an excellent starting point for high-speed transfers to the PC.