Download error

Hi Jake,

I am getting a bad zip file error when trying to download the latest model sim files…



Hm. I just tried this download and the zip checked out ok. Can you try another machine or browser? Perhaps it was a temporary internet glitch.

After registering my buddy ciouldn’t even download the file…

I downloaded it ok but I got a Winzip popup when I tried to open the file : cannot open file, it does not appear to be a valid archive…

Did you try unzipping it after download?



Hm. Odd.

I was able to download and extract using both Windows XP built-in zip handling and 7-zip 3rd-party software.

What browser are you using? It works great with FireFox and Safari. I just tried with IE and the file downloaded corrupted. I’ll have our hosting look into this. For now, my recommendation would be to use a standards-compliant browser like FireFox, Safari, or Opera until we find the proper incantation to make IE work.

I just have the “company” computer, whatever IT allows their subjects… so who knows, guess I could download it at home… I do have winzip 11.1 loaded so maybe it is a winzip problem rather than a browser problem… I do have special “company” features which may or may not work, (or spy) on me…


tried doing the same and it works thanks a lot