DES example


are there any complete bit file and xfp file for DES example given with opal kelly CD. I downloaded destop-xem3010-1500.bit file to FPGA and run DEStester.exe(given in sample folder). but following error appears.

---- Opal Kelly ---- FPGA-DES Application v1.0 ----
Found a device: XEM3010
Device firmware version: 1.4
Device serial number: lMGZAkqGiY
Device device ID: Opal Kelly XEM3010
FPGA configuration failed.
FPGA could not be initialized.

are there any special settings required to run this example. please be kind enough to advice me to run DES example given in sample folder.




Checkout the online Tutorial and the DESTester.cpp source code.

You need to rename/copy the correct bit file for you board to destop.bit in the directory with destester.exe. Then, at the command line you need to pass in [e] inputFile outputFile:

If I have a temporary file called tmp.txt with some data in it:

destester e 1234567812345678 tmp.txt tmpencode.txt

Will encode the tmp file with the key above

destester d 1234567812345678 tmpencode.txt tmpdecode.txt

Will get you data decoded.



Thanks. I could manage it.