Delivery costs


Being an international customer (Australia) I filled in an orderform on the online ordering website and was presented with the following delivery costs -

FedEx: International Economy: $48.19
FedEx: International Priority: $49.75

Would it be possible to introduce some cheaper delivery options before I make my order? I recently ordered a book from and the delivery cost to Australia was $11.98, I think this is USPS so could you implement the same?



Hi Nickd-

Unfortunately, USPS does not provide the benefits of good tracking and insurance that we require. When many of our shipments are over $1,000, it is critical that we have good tracking and insurance. USPS cannot guarantee anything once it leaves the USPS system and enters a foreign post system.

If you could suggest any preferred distributors in your area, we would gladly contact them and see if they would be interested in carrying our product line. Please email us at support at opalkelly dot com if you have thoughts on this.



Thanks for the response - I appreciate your tracking/insurance issue. I still think it would be better to give the customer the option, though. In the meantime I ordered my package to a US address, and it will be forwarded to me from there.

On the subject of a distributor I happen to know that the Australian distributor for Xilinx is Memec/Insight. On the other hand, they sell the Xilinx evaluation kits and you’d be undercutting them, so they might not like that :slight_smile:

If you wish, I can find out from our purchasing people if they have any other suggestions.