Debug vs. Release DLLs



In the Opal Kelly tutorial, it states that the project settings should runtime library = “multi-threaded debug dll”.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to get the program to compile with the non-debug dlls. I tried compiling with “multi-threaded dll”, but the linker claimed that okusbxem.lib was looking for nonexistant symbols.

I ask because when I moved a frontpanel program compiled in this debug mode to another computer, one without visual studio installed, the computer complained about a missing “msvcp71d.dll” which belongs to the microsoft c++ debug runtime library. Ideally, I’d like the program I write to be transferrable to other computers without needing an unnecessarily large baggage of additional dlls. Perhaps you can suggest another way to accomplish the same thing.




When I setup for Multhreaded DLL (not debug), I have no problem compiling and linking with okxem.lib. Check the project files for the “Counters” sample to see how the “Release” build was setup.


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