Data acquisition board collaborations

I am planning on a general-purpose data acquisition daughter card that mates to the XEM7310 OpalKelly module. A first revision has been designed, fabricated, and tested (and works but has some bugs to address). This is targeting real-time control with 10 - 100 kHz bandwidth. The basics are:

  1. 4x ADC channels at 16-bits @ 5 MSPS
  2. 4x DAC channels at 14-bits and 1-us settling time
  3. 8x slower ADC channels on a multiplexed single-chip ADC
  4. similar slow DAC outputs
  5. GPIOs with level-shifting capability
  6. power supplies for expansion cards

I’m very interested in finding individuals that would be interested in collaborating on this design. The plan is to use an open source hardware ethos and possibly apply for OSHWA certification. The first board design used Eagle but I am migrating to KiCAD.

Please reach out if you might have interest in collaborating.

Lucas- We’d be happy to post project info via social media if you’d like to share any website or github links, etc.

Great, thank you! I have some work to do in terms of organizing documentation but then will share GitHub links.