Controling multiple boards from one GUI

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I’m currently using Opal Kelly Front Panel to talk to multiple devices. If I want to create only one GUI to control Multiple devices is that possible? I’m currently using built in XML from Opak Kelly to create my GUI. From the Tech Manual it says I can plug in multiple devices but only One GUI can be open, but I don’t want to have to select another device and reopen a new GUI to control the second board.

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You can open multiple devices. You can also open multiple FrontPanel Profiles (XFP files). However, each XFP will interact with only one device.

Do I need to specify the device the GUI is controlling in the XMl code? If so where might I find that code? Every time I select a new device it will close the current GUI . Is this in a particular section of the Tech Manual I can reference to?

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Each device gets its own “Device Pane” in FrontPanel. You just drag the XML to the corresponding device and it will be associated with that device.

Is that a feature for the latest opal Kelly front panel? I have version 3.1.0 and I can’t drag and drop my XML file so that it will associate it with the individual devices.

I’ve tried to select one device and then opening a profile for it . Then select another device but when I do that the old profile closes so I can’t have two XFP open .

I’m not sure what else to try .

Sorry, yes. You never mentioned which version, so we assumed a recent version. FrontPanel 3.1.0 is nearly 5 years old!

Is there a way for me to upgrade? or does it cost money to do so?

If I didn’t upgrade it , is there a way around it where I can control two Panels in one GUI?? or I can only control one device at a time (switching between GUIs and devices to set commands) with the version I have?