Control Multiple Endpoints with single FrontPanel XML control?

Is there a way to control multiple endpoints (WireIn or TriggerIn) on the XEM6010 from a single control defined in the FrontPanel XML?

Basically, what we want is something like a look-up-table, where one setting in the Front Panel GUI sets several endpoints on the XEM6010 to various values. I know this is possible using the API, but that would most likely require recreating our entire GUI in Visual Studio, which we’d like to avoid if possible.




This is not presently possible. Can you illustrate what you’re trying to do?

Since a particular HDL endpoint is just a bundle of wires, you can typically string them to whatever you like:

led[3:0] = WireIn[3:0] regval[3:0] = WireIn[7:4] supercfg[3:0] = WireIn[11:8] othercfg[3:0] = WireIn[11:8]
If there’s some other useful application of what you’re talking about, let us know!