Connector on XEM3010


I am planning to purchase XEM3010 (and maybe XEM5010 after some time) but I have a question about the SAMTEC connector on XEM3010.

I have to route the signals on the SAMTEC connector onto a connector such as a screw-terminal. I’m looking for a solution but so far unable to find one. Is there some sort of connector/cable assembly (possibly a ribbon cable) that can connect to the SAMTEC connector on XEM3010 and maybe having dangling wires on the other side so I can hookup screw terminals?

I went to SAMTEC web site and tried to navigate their catalog at :
(Warning, this is a 50MB document)

However, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the amount of content there and the pdf isn’t searchable so that is not very helpful.

Can you provide any help?


@haydin- We’re not familiar with any BSE connector cable assembly, but you may want to contact Samtec’s sales folks to see.

So do all users of the XEM-boards design a custom PCB to integrate their modules? (Other than using the breakout boards of course).

Another question: Do you provide the complete schematic/PCB design for BRK3010? That would be a very good starting point for anyone who wishes to design a custom PCB to integrate with the XEMs.



Yes, most of our customers build a board to attach the XEM to. The schematics for the BRK3010 are not substantial enough to hand out, but we’d be happy to if you email us at It’s just a direct connection from each pin on the XEM3010 to a header pin.

A basic mechanical drawing of the BRK3010 is here:

A much more detailed mechanical drawing of the BRK3010 and the XEM3010 are located in the XEM3010 User’s Manual.